About Us

Family owned and operated

Wiebes Accounting Inc. is a third generation family owned and operated business.

Each year we continue to enhance our services and offerings for our clients. We care about each one of our clients individually and will work together with you.

Our job is to prepare your taxes to the best of your benefit while also taking into consideration all available deductions; and most importantly how it will affect your future. The way it is done today can make a big difference in the future.


Ed Wiebe Accounting & Income Tax is started on the family farm. The office is located in a 50 sq ft area attached to the farm house.


Ed Wiebe Accounting & Income Tax moved the office into a 8′ x 16′ room in the farm shop. This office space was used until 1991, when Edwin & Violet moved into town.


Ed Wiebe Accounting & Income Tax purchases its first computer which is an Intel 8088 Microprocessor.


Ed Wiebe Accounting & Income Tax moved into town at 19 Newton Bay. Edwin built a new house with an office on the north end increasing his office space to 240 sq ft. This office included a small waiting room, Edwin’s office and a back work room.


Ed Wiebe Accounting & Income Tax started offering electronic filing. Edwin’s son, Roy, started helping with tax prep through the winter months.


Roy Wiebe purchases the business from his father. Roy moved the office west of Roblin converting his car garage into office space. The business name was changed to Wiebes Accounting & Income Tax.


Roy’s oldest son, Verlin, joins the business making this a third generation family owned business.


Roy’s daughter, Jennette, joins the family business doing reception duties as well as working on small tax files.


Wiebes Accounting & Income Tax adds on to the existing office increase their office space to 1,900 sq ft. During construction the office was temporarily moved into the house basement which provided 400 sq ft for office use.


Earl Boyce joined the team working full-time as a bookkeeper.


Roy Wiebe & Garett Froese merge offices to create a corporation called Wiebe & Froese Accounting Inc. Two office locations were created from this merge. One in Roblin, MB and one in Gilbert Plains, MB.


After a couple of years working together Roy & Garett decided to part ways. Roy changed his business name to Wiebes Accounting Inc.


Maricela Galatiuk joined the team as a part-time bookkeeper.


Wiebes Accounting Inc. purchased the former RM of Shell River office building in Roblin, MB in April 2015.


The Roy Wiebe family and different local contractors spent a few months completely gutting and remodeling the office space. Most evenings after work and Saturdays were spent working on the office. There were many long hours with lots of hard work plus sweat and tears involved before the office was finally ready to move in to on September 7, 2015.


Jennette Wiebe set up a retail location for her business, Netties Expressions, in the Wiebes Accounting Inc. office.


Verlin Wiebe and Jennette Wiebe both became partners in the Wiebes Accounting Inc. family business.


Maggie Funk joined the team filling as a full-time Administrative Assistant at the end of 2016.


Rebecca Evans joined the team as a full-time Administrative Assistant in September 2018.


After working at our office for 19 years, Earl Boyce officially retired. He took Grandpa Wiebe’s job of looking after all our shoe box clients. We’re not sure that we’ll ever find someone to completely take his place. His jobs consisted of much more than just regular office duties. We want to wish him well in his retirement.